Getting Started

Bay Area Stone & Tile is a company providing expert fabrication and installation with a warranty. there are no third party person or sub-contracting, you will know exactly who you are dealing with and who is accountable from start to finish. 

Granite, Marble and Quartz counter tops are a wise investment and many things should be considered prior to making a decision. Certain expectations are to be met with this investment. We will install a high quality product to meet those expectations. Before selecting a product or making a decision on what company to use, consider the entire process:

1.    A counter top installation is a SKILLED and SPECIALIZED profession. It is not always best to go with the cheapest company.  Cheap pricing usually is associated with a poor quality result. Due your research before you buy. Don't fall victim to low advertised pricing,  You really do "Get what you pay for." Don't just rely on the old what is your “per square foot” price.  This often leaves out basic and essential costs to actually fabricate and install your counter top.

You end up applying a TOTAL price for any purchase. Make sure you understand how many square feet you are going to get billed for – will it be the actual square feet of your finished counter top or will it be the area of the slabs of granite used, including waste, cutouts, removal of old materials, backs plash cost etc.?

2.    Select a company / fabricator you believe is skilled and knowledgeable about your choices and options. Are they Insured? experienced?, endorsed? We complete work for builders, remodeling contractors, flooring stores, they subcontract the granite and tile work out and hire fabricators like us to do the work.