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Install Process

                            GETTING STARTED

Granite, Marble and Quartz counter tops are a wise investment and many things should be considered prior to making a decision. Certain expectations are to be met with this investment. We will install a high quality product to meet those expectations. Before selecting a product or making a decision on what company to use, consider the entire process:

1.    A counter top installation is a SKILLED and SPECIALIZED profession. It is not always best to go with the cheapest company.  Cheap pricing usually is associated with a poor quality result. Due your research before you buy. Don't fall victim to low advertised pricing,  You really do
"Get what you pay for." Don't just rely on the old what is your “per square foot” price.  This often leaves out basic and essential costs to actually fabricate and install your counter top.

You end up applying a TOTAL price for any purchase. Make sure you understand how many square feet you are going to get billed for – will it be the actual square feet of your finished counter top or will it be the area of the slabs of granite used, including waste, cutouts, removal of old materials, backs plash cost etc.?

2.    Select a company / fabricator you believe is skilled and knowledgeable about your choices and options. Are they Insured? experienced?, endorsed? We complete work for builders, remodeling contractors, flooring stores, they subcontract the granite and tile work out and hire fabricators like us to do the work.

Bay Area Stone & Tile is a company providing expert fabrication and installation with a warranty. there are no third party person or sub-contracting, you will know exactly who you are dealing with and who is accountable from start to finish. 



                      VIEWING MATERIALS

Your slabs should be viewed and approved before template for counter tops are made. The template is done after selecting a slab or slabs. Bay Area Stone & Tile will hold your slabs for two weeks. If you already have a template scheduled, your slabs will be held until time of fabrication.  

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Please take the time to read the information below this will get you familiarized with the steps of going through normal project. For most people a counter top installation is not something that is done every day. The below information is a more realistic idea of what to expect so the overall installation will go as smooth as possible.

Lead Times:

We can usually install a kitchen in 7-10 days from the time you select a color. The actual installation normally takes only one full day. The completion or installation date we have quoted is our best estimate of when your order will be completed. Although rare, back orders do occur. We will do our best to complete your order as quickly as possible pending availability of slabs. Due to weather or similar, installation dates may change.

Template And Measure:

If you find you material at another supplier , place the final selections on hold under our account name we usually receive trade discounts and it will be passed over to you.  Then call us to schedule a template. At this time of template we will go over final details of your project. At Bay Area Stone & Tile we also offer to go over the seam layout with you at the time of template. This is a free service. The buyer, home owner or (designated decision-maker over the age of 18) MUST be present during the entire template process. This person will have to answer questions in regards to seaming, overhangs and “special designs” on island, etc; therefore it is recommend that this person be familiar with the project. 


All appliances including dishwashers, stove (cooktop) etc., MUST be in place at the time of template. 
We are not responsible for the moving of appliances,furniture or personal items stored in the cabinets. If it’s necessary for our templates/installers to move the appliances, furniture or personal items stored in cabinets we will NOT be responsible for damages.

Removal Of Old Tops, ( Tear out ) :

 Installation of natural stone surfaces require the removal of old countertops. We will remove all old existing countertops and haul these away. If we are installing your new tops in an existing kitchen or bath area, there may be unfinished areas of your wall or cabinets that will be exposed and / or not covered by your new top. We DO NOT finish these areas. This is the responsibility of the homeowner to either fix it themselves or we could give you a separate estimate to match the paint and texture of your existing walls.


Please remove all items in the lower cabinets, we will need to have these areas clear so we can install your new counter tops professionally. The counter top materials are purchased either by us or homeowner. We cut to size, edge profile, then polish. This is all completed at our shop and not in your home to avoid unnecessary messes. We then bring all pieces to the job site and install the new counter tops. Most kitchen counter tops are completed in one day. We then clean and seal the counter tops the same day.

Under Mount Sinks:

A minimum of 3” inches is required in front and behind the cutout. Bay Area Stone & Tile will only work with sinks  which are specifically designed as under counter sinks. Our standard edge at this cut out location is a simple square polish edge that is flush with the wall of the bowl, +/- 1/8” inch We will install the sink itself but will not do any plumbing or cabinet work. Drop in sinks are available for installation.

Cutting And Fitting:

In most cases, granite is cut to rectangular shapes with opposing edges parallel. Drywall will have to be floated to correct any deficiencies, like bowing, cupping and walls being out of square. Normally the backsplash material will cover any of these wall deficiencies


Granite / Marble has very little flexural or bending ability. 3cm granite will have no sub decking and will rest directly on the cabinets or support walls. All overhang or cantilever areas should be properly braced from below. This bracing should allow loading of 250 pounds per square foot without any flexing of the countertop. High bar overhangs more than 9” inches from the sheetrock outside wall will be braced with flat steel support strips, evenly spaced, supplied and installed by Bay Area Stone & Tile. Any overhangs over 15” inches will need well supported corbels, to support the granite.  Purchasing these are the responsibilities of the buyer, homeowner or builder.


3cm thick edge is approximately 1-1/4” inch thick and without a seam line. 2cm thick edge is approximately ¾” inch thick. All Granite / Marble can vary in thickness from slab to slab and sometime within a slab. When this occurs between slabs, the edges will be feathered to match at the seam. 


We have great seams! Placement of seams 
may be made in sink areas and cook top cutouts. These seams will be established based on what we can yield out of a slab size, aesthetic considerations, practicality of handling and installation.  We try to minimize seams when possible. Slab sizes are random, making it impossible to locate seams for any given plan. The horizontal stone to stone seams are filled with an epoxy, which will be color coordinated. Vertical variation at the seam will be no more than 1/16”inch. The largest guaranteed size available for granite slabs is 100” x 50” for all colors. Some random tops may be slightly longer or wider, but cannot be guaranteed from house to house. Even though seams are about 1/16" of an inch and  color coordination is added to the epoxy the seams are not invisible and depending on the material selected some seams may be more visible than others.

Back Splash:  

If you decide on a tile or tumbled stone back splash, this back splash is usually installed on a separate day. In most cases, it is suggested to wait and select a back splash tile after the new tops are completed. A tile back splash is to be installed after the granite is installed anyway. This allows you to see what the outcome will be to help the overall look  and compliment each other.We can bring samples to your home to select a color that works best with the new counter tops. The installation of the new back splash usually takes one to two days.

Clean Up:

We will clean up our mess! Installation of counter top is a construction process and residual dust should be expected. The customer may want to cover areas to contain the dust to the construction area. The job site will be left in broom or vacuum condition.

Incidental Damages:

Final wall preparation (painting, wallpaper, etc) should NOT be completed prior to installation if at all possible. Care will be exercised during the counter top installation, however scrapes, punctures or digs are possible. Minor touch up may be needed, these items are considered incidental damages and are the customer’s responsibility to repair. 

Sealing Or Care And Cleaning:

After installation, we will go over with you how to maintain your new counter tops. This is very simple and easy process to do.

We provide tile and stone installation to many commercial professionals including:

  • Production builders
  • Commercial builders
  • Architectural firms
  • Commercial developers
  • Cabinet shops
  • Custom Builders
  • Re-modeling Contractors
  • Independent sales reps
  • Designers

Our top-quality, fabricated natural stone counter top components can be installed by you or we offer full-service fabrication, finishing and installation at extremely competitive prices, with an outstanding level of attention to detail and customer service. This enables you to satisfy customers that want granite counter tops and surfaces without worrying about the performance of your contractor. We treat you as a valued customer regardless of the scale of your business. Our courteous staff will ensure that you the contractor and your  customers enjoy their experience with Bay Area Stone & Tile and will recommend you to others. We stick  to our schedules or any of yours - your job will not be delayed because of us because we do it right the first time and we do the job on time.

Please call for details of our Builder Program and Wholesale prices.